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[Sequel to Birthright] COVENANT continues the story of Harry and Judith as they struggle to start over on a long-abandoned farm on the banks of the San Poil River on the Colville Indian reservation. This beautiful Valley of the Cliffs is the ancestral home of Judith’s people. The family must live in a tipi and work the soil with Harry’s grandfather’s last draft horse, an ancient mare. Almost no one believes they will succeed. From skeptical neighbors to authorities outraged at their primitive living conditions, they meet resistance everywhere they turn. Only Walt and Frances, an elderly farm-couple facing their last days will help them. The neighboring rancher wants their place as part of a development he is planning and will go to any lengths to get it. A group of survivalists, outsiders who have moved to the valley, form a militia group and see Harry and Judith as impediments to be removed. Local authorities have a list of crimes they accuse Harry of and soon he is the focus of a major investigation. They say he has led a plot to bomb Grand Coulee Dam. Again, the ending will surprise and shake you.Author: Bailey, Larry L.
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing
Illustration: N
Language: ENG
Title: Covenant
Pages: 00000 (Encrypted PDF)
On Sale: 2003-03-02
SKU-13/ISBN: 9781554040346
Category: Fiction : General

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