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Acknowledgements. Contributors. Foreword. Introduction.- Policy, experience and change and the challenge of Inclusive Education: the case of England.- Inclusive Education in Spain: a view from inside.- The integration of disabled children in ordinary schools in France: a new challenge.- Made in Italy : integrazione scolastica and the new vision of inclusive education.- The rhetoric of Inclusive Education in Libya: are children s rights in crisis?- The lethargy of a nation: Inclusive Education in India and developing systemic strategies of change.- Inclusive Education in Trinidad and Tobago.- Disability and Inclusive Education in Zimbabwe.- Towards Inclusive Education in Canada.- Educating the other: a journey in Cyprus time and space.- To be or not to be included that is the question: disabled students in third level education.- It s a fit-up! Inclusive Education, Higher Education, policy and the discordant Voice.- Index.
EAN/ISBN : 9781402051197
Publisher(s): Springer Netherlands
Format: ePub/PDF

Author(s): Barton, Len – Rioux, Marcia – Barton, L.

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