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You see all of this wonderful internet bling bling around you, with a lot of promises being thrown your way. Your inbox is full of people telling you that they are going to make you rich. It seems to be the status quo these days. Such and such got rich and now youre going to do it too… if you just get their product.

I know the story all to well.

The fact is, living the internet lifestyle can be accomplished. You really can get all of that bling bling that the heavy hitters tell you about. Its all here for the taking.

You know what Im talking about when I say internet bling bling, right?

* A guy figured out the formula to online success and is out in his villa in Mexico, drinking Mai Tais and smoking a Monte Cristo while he works on a laptop.

* A womans e-zine took off, and with the release of her new book, she is out in the Aspens with her husband and some champagne.

* A college kid is playing around on eBay and stumbles across a goldmine, then buys a brand new Mercedes from money he made with his computer.

* A former pizza delivery guy just raked in $33 Grand over the weekend by sending out an e-mail to a few people that wanted to hear what he had to say.

Its happening all around you. People are cashing in on all of this bandwidth, and they are doing it easier than they ever expected. Once you know the formula to this thing, the profits are almost automatic. Really, its kind of a guilty pleasure.

Millions of people are sitting in their cars as you read this letter, either trying to get home from work, or on their way to work. Theyre dealing with 25 MPH traffic and a bunch of car fumes. I think that the most tragic part is that this goes on every single day for countless years!

Meanwhile, were sitting back watching numbers being added to our bank accounts. I say numbers because thats what we see when we get paid. Its like punching in numbers on a calculator, with the only difference being that our numbers are spendable income!

Ask yourself:

1. Why is it that you havent been able to get over the hump and start making a real income yet?

2. Why has all of this bling bling been dodging you?

3. Why are you snacking on a Slim Jim while everyone else gets big slices of pie all over their faces?

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