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1. The Thermoelectric and Related Effects.- 2. Theory of Thermoelectric Refrigeration and Generation.- 3. Thermoelectric Properties of Metals and Semiconductors.- 4. Optimisation and Selection of Semiconductor Thermoelements.- 5. Minimising the Thermal Conductivity.- 6. The Improvement of a Specific Material: Bismuth Telluride.- 7. Methods for the Production of Materials.- 8. Measurement Techniques.- 9. Review of Thermoelectric Materials.- 10. Thermoelectric Modules and their Application.- 11. Transverse Devices.- 12. Properties of Nanostructured Materials.- 13. Thermionic Energy Conversion.
EAN/ISBN : 9783642007163
Publisher(s): Springer, Berlin
Discussed keywords: Thermoelektrizität
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Author(s): Goldsmid, H. Julian

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