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Dear Income Seeker,

Youve heard the phrase leaving the money on the table. It seems to imply youve been careless in running your business – but you know nothing could be further from the truth.

Granted, you know youre not ready for certain internet marketing steps yet – building a strong foundation takes time.

But youve worked harder than you sometimes thought possible, and taken all the steps you could take. Youve stretched yourself right out of your comfort zone in an effort to reach that promised level of internet marketing success you are still struggling to reach.

Dont worry. Its a process, and we each take our unique journeys one step at a time.

Sometimes, we find a handy shortcut – or expand in multiple directions for a short while (thats always exciting!) before settling back to our usual pace.

Theres such a lot to absorb and learn.

Some things you pick up quickly. Some you think youre never going to wrap your head around and master.

But you will.

One key to financial success lies in creating multiple streams of income.

And Im going to open a door on one particular easier stream today.

Whether or not you decide to step through will depend on factors unique to:

* Where you are in your internet marketing adventure

* What you want or need right now.

* What you need to learn

* What you already know

But a new door is open, and its waiting. All you have to do is say, Yes, I can do that! … and step through.

Ready To Start Exploring Your Possibilities?

Think of yourself suddenly discovering a safe and easy shortcut that will organically allow you to:

* Increase your web credibility status

* Generate an extra stream of constant cash

* Make money when you need it

* Do it on a shoestring, with a minimum of time and expense

Now when I say a minimum of time, I mean that every time you need a cash infusion, youll set up and deploy one of these little money-making gems in less than an afternoon.

(Ive got to the point where I can do it in just over an hour!)

I discovered this easy method of generating cash pretty much the same way you may have discovered this page: I fell into it sideways, by accident.

Its effectiveness took me totally by surprise.

And it was easier (and much more fun!) than falling off the proverbial log.

In fact, the landing was downright soft!
It Was So Simple, I Couldnt Quite Believe It Was True

You see, I already had all the skills.

(I just didnt know it!)

And once I set my little system in place, the money kept rolling down the line, in small but regular amounts…

…that rapidly grew larger.

Now, before you start worrying about how to do it, you need to know those all-important insider tips and secrets about what to do and where to do it.

In fact, if youre in the same place I was, you probably already know how.

Its not going to take a hefty investment. (In fact, you may not even have to shell out any cash at all – but more of that shortly.)

Im not going to tell you it will allow you to buy a yacht in a year. You wont pay off your entire mortgage next month, or buy a Ferrari for cash with my solid little secret.

But you will have the potential to bring in extra income when you need it. Every month. All year round. Rain or shine.

* Money for all those emergencies that life seems to throw at us. (Yes – usually at the most inconvenient times!)

* Money to set up a solid debt reduction plan – because now youll actually have extra monthly income to put into it

* Money for that vacation youve been dreaming about; that new computer system; car repairs youve been desperately needing for ages…

(Wouldnt that be a relief?)

How you spend it is entirely up to you!

What If I Showed You A Way To Make Extra Cash Grow On Trees Any Time You Need It?

Well, okay. Not literally growing on trees, of course – but if youre anything like I was, it will feel like that, when you begin to watch your profit rolling in!

Its definitely not rocket science, and you really can learn how in an less than an hour.

In fact, you can start your new sideline (or new main business!) straight away.

Im talking about selling turnkey website starter packages for a profit. Without knowing much about CSS, HTML, PHP – or web design at all.

In my 48-page Special Report, Website Flipping Tactics, I show you how there are 3 easy ways to do it – and you will have a huge advantage: Youre privy to knowledge the majority of your competition just hasnt put in place.

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* The one thing your new domain name absolutely must be able to do

* 2