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Dear Fellow Marketer,

If youd like to easily boost your affiliate earnings by up to 600 or more (starting today!), without having to spend hundreds of dollars on those expensive make money with affiliate programs eCourses or software programs, then this might be the most important letter youll read this year.

My name is Gabriel Aguinaga. I am not a professional copywriter that gets paid thousands of dollars, nor am I one of those gurus or even claim to be one! I am just a regular 22 year old college guy with one tiny addiction… I love to work-at-home… but more specifically, I love selling other peoples products and collecting large affiliate checks sitting right in front of my eMachines PC 🙂

Now that youve gotten a feel for who I am, I wanted to share one tiny little secret with you.

You see, for the past two months I have been using a simple technique that has increased my affiliate earnings by 600.

It is a technique used ONLY by professional affiliate marketers (most paid $97 to learn this technique) and for the first time ever, I have dared to reveal how anybody can apply this amazing system to their own affiliate marketing… for FREE!

Youll literally want to slap yourself once you realize how much money you have been leaving on the table.

I am referring to the large amount of profits you have been losing because you have not been encrypting your affiliate links… The Right Way!

Sure, everybody and their dog can encrypt an affiliate link, but only those using advanced encrypting are noticing 600 more sales.

How does a 600 more affiliate sales, just by changing the format of your affiliate links sound? Amazing, Right?!

I know you are eager to learn more, but before I give you the whole scoop

Allow me to quickly point out 3 ways youre losing money with affiliate programs right now.

1) People Are Hijacking Your Hard-Earned Commissions Right Under Your Nose.

Link Hijack

Below is my affiliate link for (with geh82gp being my CB ID)

Most people will simply replace my Clickbank ID with their own, make the purchase, and use the commission as an instant rebate.

Guess what?

This is EXACTLY how YOU are losing tons of commissions!

2) You Are Literally Begging Prospects To Bypass Your Affiliate Link!

Link Bypass

Most prospects will not click on your affiliate link if they suspect youll earn a commission off them. They will instead bypass your link by copying the main url of the link, and then pasting it in their address bar.

Below is my affiliate link for

Most people will simply copy & paste the main url into their address bar, which is

Like I said, they hate to think youll earn a commission, so they rather bypass your link and buy straight from the product owner. (Instead of you)

You Just Lost Another Commission!

3) You Are Losing Sales Because Your Affiliate Links Look Unprofessional.

Unprofessional Links

I always know when a newbie marketers email slips in my inbox… how? They promote that long and ugly link… and you know what I do? I delete the email instantly. If I am going to buy something, itll be from marketers that know what theyre doing.

Be honest, would you click on my iPowerWeb affiliate link?

This is my affiliate link for iPowerWeb Web Hosting: =7&affID=00000000000000017787

Are you serious?

The link looks horrible, unprofessional, and I bet not even my own mother would click on it!

How To Encrypt Your Affiliate Links For Maximum Profits!

The majority of the gurus are now creating professional affiliate links to boost their profits…

You have probably seen these type of links already, the most popular is the Recommends

style link ==

The RECOMMENDS Encryption Method Is Extremely Powerful!

Heres Why:

Number one: It tremendously reduces the possibility of prospects Hijacking & bypassing your affiliate link. (Thats more money in your pocket!)

Number two: The Recommends link looks professional and gives your prospects the impression that you are just recommending a product, therefore, they will not hesitate to look into your recommendation!

Conclusion: More people will click on your affiliate links and yo