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1;Table of Contents;6
2;Foreword Messages from the Sponsoring Associations;10
3;Introduction School Libraries: Joint Efforts for a Key Role;12
4;Part 1 School Library Education and Implementation Models;18
4.1;A Self-Evaluation Model for School Libraries in Portugal;20
4.2;Building a Model School Library at Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri Piyungan in Yogyakarta, Indonesia;31
4.3;Developing Understanding of Information Literacy within the Croatian School Environment;42
4.4;Personal Learning Networks and Participatory Culture: Getting Teacher-Librarians Connected in the 21st Century;53
4.5;A New Operational Culture: The Case of the School Library in the Information Society Project in the City of Oulu, Finland;66
4.6;Assessing School Library Learning Environments;80
5;Part 2 Promoting Literacies through the School Library;92
5.1;Reading Opens all Doors: An Integrated Reading Program at Genazzano FCJ College, Australia;94
5.2;Fun with Readathon: Helping Namibian Children to Love Books;105
5.3;Developing Information Literacy through Primary School Libraries in Nigeria;117
5.4;GiggleIT and Global Citizenship: School Libraries, Literacy and Laughter;127
5.5; Body in the Library : A Cross-Curriculum Transliteracy Project;139
5.6;HIV/AIDS Corners in Botswana Schools and Libraries;149
6;Part 3 School Libraries for All;160
6.1;School Libraries and Human Rights;162
6.2;Camels, Burros, Elephants, Boats and Trucks: Bringing Books and Literacy to Children in Remote Communities;168
6.3;Botswana s Book Box Service to Primary Schools;177
6.4;Participation of Croatian School Librarians in Teaching Children with Intellectual Disabilities;186
6.5;Lubuto Library Project: Bringing Knowledge to Zambian Children;197
7;Part 4 Expanding the Reach of School Libraries through Technology;208
7.1;Providing Web Based Online Reference Resources for Schools: An Alberta Success Story;210
7.2;The Belgrano Day School Model Project: Using Mobile Technology in a School Library in Argentina;221
7.3;Information Literacy on the Move: Mobile Learning with Netvibes, QR Codes and More;232
7.4;Web 2.0 and our School Library at the Hamilton and Alexandra College in Victoria, Australia;241
8;Part 5 Government Initiatives for School Library Development;252
8.1;The School Library as a Tool to Empower Literacy and Improve Schools: A Swedish Government Initiative;254
8.2;Focus on Reading Education and Information Literacy: The Norwegian School Library Program;263
8.3;Seize the Day! Developing School Libraries in Finland;273
8.4;A Long Walk to Significant School Libraries for All: Government Policies in Portugal, 1986-2010;287
9;Part 6 Organizations for School Library Advocacy and Development;294
9.1;ENSIL: Advocacy of School Libraries in the Educational Context;296
9.2;SLA: Using Evidence to Move Forward in the UK;307
9.3;RuSLA: Policymaker for School Library Development;316
9.4;IFLA SLRC: Developing Policy and Guidelines;327
9.5;IASL: Sustaining the Vision for 40 Years;333
EAN/ISBN : 9783110232219
Publisher(s): De Gruyter, De Gruyter Saur
Format: ePub/PDF

Author(s): Marquardt, Luisa – Oberg, Dianne

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