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Your business needs a blog. Not because its the thing to do but because not having a blog is bad business. Youre ignoring a very lucrative avenue of income and failing to realize the benefits that you can reap through a simple, inexpensive blog.
By having a blog for your business, you humanize your company. Your customers and target audience relate to you better. It has the potential to form loyalty among your customers and readers. By marketing your blog through social media and other means, youll be reaching a market that you might not have by traditional means of marketing. Online marketing is also cheaper and a lot more targeted.
Keep in mind that a business blog should be about your business. The key is to not make it promotional. Readers are turned off by a blog that just keeps pushing its products and services at its readers. A blog that attracts and retains readers is educational, personal, informative and fun.

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make money with your blog